Heart-Centered, Natural Family Medicine.

Founded by Dr. Caroline Peterson, DC, CPM, LDM, MPH, PhD, Fertile Ground Family Center is a place of whole healing, personal growth and development, education, transformation and preventative health care.

Ladybug We address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual diseases and discomforts that get in the way of optimal health. We believe symptoms are our teachers, leaders and guides.

Our center emphasizes care for women and children, offering natural treatments to help with:


Breech presentation

Breastfeeding difficulties

Low back pain

Post-partum symptoms (incontinence, out-of-place uterus, etc.)

Unresolved birth loss (from cesarian, miscarriage, abortion, birth trauma)


Difficulty nursing

Fussiness in baby & colic

Digestion issues (spitting up too much, not pooping daily, etc.)

Infant plagiocephaly (“flat head”)

Difficulty crawling

Children’s behavioral problems (anxiety, depression, difficulty
focusing, dislikes touch, etc.)

Fertility support

Menstrual pain

Sense of heaviness in pelvis (organ prolapse)

Wellness care (health maintenance & check-ups)


Drawing from ancient tradition, we are reinventing modern health care.

We integrate Chiropractic Medicine, Infant Craniosacral Therapy, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy™, Holistic Pelvic Care™, Barrel Institute Visceral Manipulation and Neuroemotional Technique (NET) to provide holistic wellness for the whole family.

Though our focus is women and children, we also treat entire families and those who do not fall into these categories and are looking for well-rounded care. This includes: wellness care, treatment of acute illness (such as cold, flu and ear infections), chronic illnesses (such as digestive problems, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and pain) as well as car accidents and on the job injuries.

New paradigm healthcare at Fertile Ground Family Center challenges contemporary assumptions about normalcy and expands our conception of ideal health. By resolving imbalances before they become noticeable symptoms we support deep healing. If symptoms have already surfaced we attempt to treat their root cause. Through this approach we hope to optimize your health outcomes.

Caroline is unlike any other chiropractor I have ever seen, in the best way possible. She takes her time, listens, is compassionate and has a vast bag of tricks up her sleeve. She is knowledgeable about the bones and soft tissue, practices Maya Abdominal massage, understands the energetic connection to the bodies healing process and was able to help me when others were lost. She’s great! – RP